Venetian Nafplion

  • Description: Exhibition panels, logo and banner for a small exhibition about the military history of the city of Nafplion.
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The exhibition "Venetian Nafplion: Images and Objects of War" is part of the celebration of the 300 years anniversary of the liberation of the city of Nafplion. It is held at the Nafplion Military Museum and focuses on military evens and items of the era of Venetian occupation (1389-1540, 1686-1715).

My job was to design the panels, signage and advertising banner of the exhibition and to edit various scanned images for large scale printing. The design uses typographic elements of fifteenth century Venetian typography, an era which corresponds with most of the exhibition material. The typeface Arno was used for the identity and large texts, while the signage was done using Hypatia Sans.

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