The Prose Romances of William Morris

The Prose Romances of William Morris is a book series of all fantasy novels by William Morris published by Eccentric Books. Morris's fantasy novels are neglected today although most scholars agree that they constitute a major point in early fantasy history. They are very difficult to find in a decent edition. Eccentric Books intents to publish all seven novels in a high quality accessible edition.

These books were originally published by Morris himself at the Kelmscott Press. Thus they are hugely influential for their design as well. The design and typography of this edition remains faithful to Morris's work maintaining his idiomatic typographic treatment while using a radically different format and printing technology (Morris's books were hand-printed on letterpress using handmade matrices, paper and even ink.)

*The Roots of the Mountains* front and back cover.

The Roots of the Mountains front and back cover.

*The Story of the Glittering Plain* front and back cover.

The Story of the Glittering Plain front and back cover.

*The Wood Beyond the World* title page.

The Wood Beyond the World title page.

*The Wood Beyond the World* interior spread.

The Wood Beyond the World interior spread.

*The House of the Wolfings* interior spread.

The House of the Wolfings interior spread.

*The Wood Beyond the World* first page detail.

The Wood Beyond the World first page detail.