Inura Athens 2015

  • Description: Posters and booklet design for an urban studies conference.
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The Inura conferences on urban studies are held each year in a different participating city. 2015 was the year of Athens and the conference was held at a moment of great political and financial instability. Everything had to be done on a short budget and an even shorter deadline. At the eleventh hour I was called to design a poster and a booklet with the program of the conferences and field trips. An extra difficulty was to create a design that would be accepted by all members of organizing committee.

Since such agreement was difficult to reach it was agreed instead to proceed with implementing both the poster designs that were under consideration using only the typography as a unifying element. The same designs were also used for the front and back cover of the booklet. This is a small project but it is one of my favorites and a great success with the Inura people. It is a relic of an important historical moment and a proof that good design work is sometimes done under the most adverse circumstances.

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