ICCG 2019

The aim of the International Critical Geography Group (ICGG) is to promote the development of critical geography internationally. The group organizes every four years an international congress known as ICCG (International Congress of Critical Geography). The 2019 congress was held in Athens with the theme: "Uneven Development, everywhere war and radical praxis." The congress lasts foud days and includes numerous presentations, workshops and some field trips to the city.

My job was to create a graphic identity for the congress and implement it on a website, a 48 page booklet, a poster and some other stationary. Each congress has its own graphic identity independent of the Critical Geography Group. Both the website and the booklet were intended mostly for the participants and were focused on usability and effective presentation of information.

  • ICCG 2019 - Poster
  • ICCG 2019 - Website, homepage
    Website, homepage
  • ICCG 2019 - Booklet, contents page
    Booklet, contents page
  • ICCG 2019 - Booklet, themes page
    Booklet, themes page
  • ICCG 2019 - Booklet, program page
    Booklet, program page