I have spent the last few months experimenting with various static site generators and related technologies. The results have been a couple of websites like Archiphos and Minimaximum Improvision and various plans for future projects. For those who may not… read more

If you have visited this website the past year more than once you may have noticed that it was in a state of constant change. Some time ago I did a complete relaunch, updated the back-end and redesigned the front-end from scratch. And then I spend many… read more

A couple of days ago Dmitry Fadeyev published an article on Smashing Magazine titled "Authentic Design". Fadeyev argues that "flat design" is, or can be when properly practiced, a more "authentic" design than skeuomorphic or more… read more

The last few weeks I have started working with Kirby, a file-based CMS written on PHP. I have found it very convenient for many kinds of projects. It is a very good solution for small-to-medium sized websites, like portfolios, small blogs or small company… read more