A long-needed re-design

If you have visited this website the past year more than once you may have noticed that it was in a state of constant change. Some time ago I did a complete relaunch, updated the back-end and redesigned the front-end from scratch. And then I spend many months constantly tweaking both, never finding the time to actually finish the thing.

Finally, after a month of holidays, with a clearer mind, I decided to simply follow the motto of my home page and take away anything unnecessary. So, now the site uses no JavaScript except from the font delivery service and analytics (the two necessary evils). The image solution has been simplified as much as possible; no galleries or sliders, no retina images, no lazy loading, simply compressed images working for the average desktop-laptop screen. The performance bottleneck after these changes were the fonts. I have cut those too to the absolute essentials, one typeface in two weights without even italics.

Such extreme measures end up guiding the design to specific solutions. I have come up with a design with which I am satisfied and expect to keep for a long time. I hope you like it.

As for the technicalities, the site now uses version 2 of the Kirby CMS, which is much better than the already great first version. It uses better meta tags and structured data for better content sharing and is of course structured completely in html5.