Perfection is achieved,
not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Graphic Design

Graphic design, typography and branding for companies, exhibitions, events, stationary or any other format and application. Specialized in working with artist, designers and cultural institutions.

Web Design and Development

I design and develop websites with responsive patterns, using Kirby CMS, Wordpress, Drupal. I have created various artist and designer portfolios, e-shops, news sites and others.

Book Design and Editing

More than 15 years of experience in designing books and editing publications about design and architecture. Currently running my own publishing company, Eccentric Books.



Identity and website for an e-shop of handcrafted accessories.


Posters and booklet design for an urban studies conference.


Exhibition panels, logo and banner for a small exhibition about the military history of the city of Nafplion.


Exhibition panels for an exhibition about the petrified forest of Lesvos.


A theme for the Kirby CMS used for creating, displaying and testing CSS style guides.


Website for an architectural photographer.


Book design for a series of all fantasy novels written by William Morris.


Book design for a series of obscure 19th century science fiction.


Website design and development for a small publisher of science fiction, fantasy and related topics.


I am Dimitris Kottas, graphic and web designer, editor and publisher of books and PhD student in architecture and urban design. I have studied architecture and have worked many years at the publishing industry designing and editing books on architecture and design.

I work mostly for artists, designers, architects and cultural institutions like museums and galleries but I welcome any creative challenge. I enjoy projects that combine design and editorial work.


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Dimitris Kottas
Lomvardou 23-25
11473, Athens